Dog Protects Owner During Early Morning Home Invasion


An Alabama man believes that his dog frightened an intruder away.

In the Crestwood North neighborhood in Birmingham, Alabama, Scott Burnett is thankful that his dog, Sydney, woke him up during a potential home invasion.

Sydney started barking around 4:00 a.m., which woke up her owner and alerted him to the presence of an intruder inside the home.

Burnett told WBRC News that the intruder was recorded on surveillance videos and managed to trip the security alarm. The suspect kicked in the front door and tried to steal the family’s television when Sydney barked and scared him away.

In the footage, the suspect walked towards the front porch twice. The suspect even unscrewed the porch light and managed to open the screen door.

Burnett said that his heroic dog has been trained to react upon hearing the word “intruder,” which was the command she followed that fateful morning.

"I was in the very back of the house and had no other real means to make sure that somebody left other than her,” Burnett explained. “And we have a deal, she gets to go on fabulous boat rides and rides in the convertible, and she guards the house."

Burnett said that a getaway car was waiting for the intruder.

In January 2016, another dog managed to frighten an intruder who was armed and dangerous. After they forgot to lock their door, a man broke into the home of Darcy Cherry and Bob Stenzel.

"He had his gun drawn on us and demanded us to the ground and repeatedly asked us, 'Where's the safe?' and 'Where is the money?'," Cherry recalled to KTRK News.

Soon after, the couple’s three-legged pitbull, Levi, started barking at the man. The intruder shot the dog and ran away. Fortunately, the family hero survived.

Levi has also been the family hero while protecting Cherry’s son on a hiking trail. During the occurrence, the dog’s leg shattered, which led to its amputation. It is unclear what the dog was protecting the boy from.

"It's a feeling you can't really express in words," Stenzel said. "I mean, thank God he was here."

Sources: WBRC News, KTRK News / Photo credit: WBRC News

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