Attempted Child Abduction Caught On Camera (Photos)


The man who attempted to abduct a teenage girl in a borough of New York City was caught on camera.

According to the NYPD, on Feb. 16, around 4:39 pm, a 14-year-old girl from Gravesend, Brooklyn, was heading home when a young man reportedly tried to lure her away, WPIX News reports. The suspect held onto the girl’s arm when she tried to run away from him.

Eventually, she escaped unharmed and the man ran away but not before getting caught on a security camera.

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The suspect is a white man in his lower 20s, about 5-foot-8, and appears to weigh about 150 pounds. On the footage, he was wearing a white collared shirt, black pants, a black jacket, and black shoes. He also has short black hair and brown eyes.

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Residents in the neighborhood were reportedly shocked to hear about the incident.

"I hope they find this person and we really have to be careful to not leave our teenage daughters alone and make sure we keep tabs on them," one woman told WPIX.

According to Parents Magazine, the majority of potential abductors attempt to lure victims into vehicles or grab them on the street. Stranger kidnapping is relatively rare, as only about 24 percent of cases involve a complete stranger instead of someone the victim knows. Relatives are responsible for approximately half of all abduction cases.

Despite its relative rarity, stranger kidnapping is the most likely to involve a firearm. About 20 percent of children involved in non-family abduction cases are not found alive, versus the general rate of one out of 10,000 reported missing children.

Stranger kidnapping is more common with female victims than males. In 80 percent of such abductions, the first contact between the victim and the abductor takes place within a quarter mile of the child’s home. 

Sources: WPIX News, Parents Magazine / Photo Credit: DCPI via The New York Daily News, Scott Davidson/Wikimedia Commons

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