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Dad Accused Of Throwing Baby Head-First Onto Floor

An Arizona man was charged after allegedly throwing his 2-week-old daughter head-first onto a hardwood floor.

Jeremy William Cowan, 29, is alleged to have thrown his infant daughter on a floor, leaving her with a fractured skull and brain hemorrhage, according to KVVU. Police were notified after Cowan's daughter was taken to the hospital for her injuries.

The parents at first said that the infant had fallen off the couch, and sought medical attention after the baby stopped eating and began to vomit. The couple said they had taken their daughter to the doctor "several times during the past week."

After medical staff realized the child's injuries were not consistent with the parents' story, detectives interviewed the couple. They reportedly changed their version of events, saying Cowan had accidentally tripped, dropping the baby on her head.

A news release from the Bullhead City Police Department revealed that the parents "also had failed to tell Doctors that the baby had recently been dropped on her head, denying the baby proper diagnosis and immediate treatment for her severe head injury for approximately one week."

Cowan was also found to have been involved in a case of alleged domestic violence involving his girlfriend and daughter.

"It was reported that Cowan threatened to kill his girlfriend and said that he wished their baby daughter had died," said a spokesman for the Bullhead City police.

Investigators learned in a later interview with Cowan that the man had allegedly thrown his child head first on to a hardwood floor because she was crying. The child has with serious injuries to her skull and brain.

Cowan has been accused of attempted murder for the incident, according to The Associated Press. He has been booked into the Mohave County Jail.

The prognosis is not yet known for the child, who is now in the custody of the Department of Child Safety. The mother's other two young children have also been taken into custody.

Sources: KVVU, AP via Shoreline Media / Photo credit: Bullhead City PD via KVVU

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