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Man Uses Frying Pan To Defend Against Home Invader

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A North Carolina couple used a frying pan to defend themselves against an intruder in their Fayetteville home.

“The fact that he would come in and invade our own home and just do the kind of damage he had done, no one should have to put up with that kind of mess,” Glenn Tew said of the man who broke into his home.

Just before midnight, Tew was investigating a noise in his den when he came across 21-year-old Sheldon Dix after the young man broke through a glass door. 

“And I hollered at him, and he proceeded to come charging at me trying to knock me out, we kind of locked horns and fought on the floor,” Tew said. 

Tew’s wife then heard the confrontation unfolding and ran in to assist her husband. She grabbed a frying pan and tossed it to him.

“I think my wife hit him in with a metal trash can a couple of times,” Tew said.

“And once I got the frying pan, I proceeded to give him a good dose of that."

Just before the break-in, Dix reportedly attacked a mother who was sitting in her car at a church parking lot. Another man saw the attack and attempted to intervene, but Dix began beating him. The woman then pulled out a gun and shot at her attacker. 

“The victim in the car happened to be a concealed-permit holder. She had a legal right. She retrieved her firearm and fired off two rounds,” Police Lt. Tim Tew — unrelated to the home invasion victims — said. 

Dix then ran down the street and broke into Tew’s home. 

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Tew said the pan he used to defend he and his wife from the attack was his favorite, and that he hopes he can salvage it.

“The bottom is a little messed up, but I expect I can hammer it back down,” he said.

Dix was arrested and is currently undergoing a mental evaluation. He facing charges that include burglary and assault.

Sources: Fox 8, ABC 11 / Photo credit: ABC 11, Fox 8

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