Postal Worker Saves Toddler Wandering Around Traffic


A Colorado postal worker saved a 2-year-old girl wandering around alone in the middle of Denver-area morning traffic on March 2.

Robert Batley found the child wandering around in her diaper without shoes on, KDVR reports. He quickly grabbed the child’s hand and pulled her out of harm’s way.

"I just held her hand. I just held her hand and pulled her to the sidewalk, she wasn't crying," he said, reports KMGH.  "It took about two seconds and my heartbeat started to pump, almost really fast."

Batley said he was shocked that nobody else had already stopped to help the lost girl.

"That was the main thing, that nobody wanted to stop," he said. "I know it's early in the morning [and] people were on their way to work, but you got to have a little time to stop and help a baby ... My heart was just beating so fast because she could've got hit."

Batley called the police straight away.

"And the police got there, they took her and were trying to talk to her, but she was so young and she didn't know where she lived," he said.

Eventually the police found the girl’s grandfather after knocking on many doors in the neighborhood.

The grandfather had assumed the child, Skye, was watching TV in the basement, but after checking on her, realized she was no longer there.

Police may charge grandfather with misdemeanor child abuse for failing to supervise her adequately.

Local community members praised Batley for his actions.

"He's a great man for him to step in and do that for that child," neighbor Nicole Mohney said.

This is not the first time Batley has performed an act of heroism.

"I've seen houses on fire and smoke coming out the window," he said. "That was scary. I called 911 for that. [Other] things like helping people in the snow, helping push the car out."

He said saving Skye stood out.

“I never expected something like this to happen in my career," Batley added. “It was like a movie, but real. I was just glad I was the one that I was there."

Sources: KDVR,KMGH / Photo credit: WXPI

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