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Lynch Mob Throws Suspected Arsonist Into Car Fire (Video)

An angry mob in Brazil threw a woman into a car fire after storming a police station and dragging her out of her jail cell (video below).

Cell phone video taken of the incident was uploaded to YouTube Feb. 9. In the short clip, several men can be seen tackling the woman and dragging her by her hair while dozens of onlookers shoot videos with their phones.

A nearby car has been set on fire, and though it's not evident from the video footage, local reports indicate that the woman was thrown into the flames, the Daily Mail reports.

She suffered burns to her body and was taken to a hospital for treatment.

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The 30-year-old woman had been arrested and was being held in connection with an act of arson that killed a toddler and seriously injured a 5-year-old, according to the Daily Mail.

Police suspect her of breaking into a home and setting it on fire. There were seven people inside the house at the time.

She was being detained but had not yet been charged when several hundred people overwhelmed the police station and broke into her cell. Officers were forced to call for backup as the woman was dragged outside and pummeled by the mob.

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"The Civil Police requested reinforcements from the Military Police Command (CPM), which sent a troop of full military police in Borba, a municipality 151 km away from the capital, and eight other police officers of the Command Special Police (CPE) of Manaus, by means of a chartered aircraft," the Amazonas Civil Police said in a statement, adding that an investigation into the incident has been launched.

Authorities plan to transport the woman to an undisclosed location once she is released from the hospital. There they will resume questioning her about the original case.

Sources: YouTube, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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