Police Investigating After Body Found Inside Suitcase


San Diego, California, police are investigating after a woman’s body was reportedly found in a black suitcase at a hotel parking lot.

The discovery was made on April 6 shortly after 11 a.m., NBC San Diego reports. Police said the suitcase was found by a man who lives nearby.

"He looked at it, determined that it looked a little suspicious and that’s when he called police," Lt. Ray Valentin of the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) told NBC San Diego.

"I was taking out the garbage and I went around to the back of the building and saw a black garbage can, one of them was turned over," the man, who wished not to be identified, said.

"I dropped it and looked down and saw hair, black hair coming out ... because it was zipped up, but you could still see the hair," he added.

Authorities arrived at the scene and found a woman’s body in the suitcase. The San Diego County Medical Examiner's Office was called in to further investigate.

No information was given on any potential causes of death. Valentin said the woman’s age was difficult to asses.

Homicide detectives are now working to find any potential witnesses.

"There are a lot of windows that look down into the parking lot of where the suitcase was located," Valentin explained, adding that no missing persons reports had been filed since the discovery of the body. "Detectives will be combing those locations to see what they find."

The area was closed off by police. People who lived nearby were disturbed by the news.

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"Scary as hell," David Bloomer, a local resident, said. "Just goes to show when you think things are safe they’re usually not. Frightening when you consider the perimeter, it’s very close to our living situation."

"Everybody is usually very friendly when we come outside," resident James Clark added. "I would never expect something that horrific to happen here."

Sources: NBC San Diego, CBS News / Photo Credit: NBC San Diego, CBS News

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