Man Arrested For Shoving Bizarre Thing In Child's Throat


A Wichita, Kansas, toddler was rushed to the hospital after his mother's boyfriend reportedly shoved a small octopus down his throat.

On the night of April 5, police were called to the 2-year-old's home to respond to a call about an unresponsive child, KAKE reports. The boy's mother had reportedly come home to find her boyfriend, 36-year-old Matthew Gallagher, giving the boy CPR. He was not breathing.

EMS workers rushed the boy to a nearby hospital, where doctors found a 2-inch baby octopus lodged in the boy's throat. They also discovered several injuries to his face.

"I teach a lot of swim lessons with a lot of kids, shocking how someone could do that to [a] kid it's just strange the situation," neighbor Mitchell Wagner told KAKE.

Gallagher was arrested on suspicion of child abuse and was later released. Police said he was home alone with the boy while the mother was at work.

A similar incident occurred in February 2015 when a Slidell, Louisiana, couple was charged with cruelty to a juvenile after allegedly pouring beer down a 1-year-old boy's throat and then slapping the child when he vomited, WGNO reported.

Brett Flower, the 24-year-old boyfriend of the child's mother, was found to have poured beer down the baby's throat on several occasions. When the boy would choke or vomit the alcohol up, his mother — 23-year-old Krysten Verdin — would slap the boy on the back of the head, causing him to fall.

A complaint was filed against the couple after the boy's grandfather noticed signs of abuse and contacted police.

Sources: KAKE, WGNO / Photo Credit: albert kok/Wikimedia Commons, Scott Davidson/Wikimedia Commons

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