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Florida Day Care Worker Arrested After Biting Attack

A Florida day care worker was arrested on charges of child neglect after a young boy was bitten more than a dozen times by another child.

Amanda Beebe picked her 18-month-old son up from day care to find him with several bite marks on his face, limbs and back, according to The Associated Press. The marks were swollen and red, and Beebe said her son looked as if he had "been mauled by an animal."

Caci Burke, 23, was reportedly responsible for about six children at J's Bright Learners day care, in Bradenton, Florida, where the incident happened. In the room that Burke was meant to be watching, a 1-year-old reportedly bit Beebe's son. Several of the bites broke the skin and left red teeth marks, according to the sheriff's office.

Burke was arrested for child neglect, and she was released from prison after posting a $1,500 bond.

According to Beebe, she and her husband received a call from the day care on Aug. 26 that her son had been bitten by another child. "We weren't upset," she said. "That happens with children."

But a few days later, Beebe got another call from the day care. The employee on the phone reportedly said, "It's bad, it's really bad."

Beebe said that as soon as she got the call she rushed to the day care, where she found her son covered with bites. She took him to a hospital, where doctors called the police.

"As a mom, you don't ever know what you're going to do in a situation. The anger didn't set in until later," said Beebe. "This is my son; he's been hurt. As a mom you feel like this was your fault."

Beebe said that she doesn't blame the other child, she blames the adults at the day care. She was able to watch a video of the room where her son was bitten, but because of the angle, she didn't see what happened. She said there did not appear to be an adult in the room for around 20 minutes.

"I'm just grateful it's not worse," said the mother. "I'm trying to look at the bright side."

Sources: AP, AP via Fox News / Photo credit: WTVT

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