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Grandmother Speaks Out After 4-Year-Old Grandson Is Kicked Out Of Preschool

A Missouri grandmother is outraged after learning her 4-year-old grandson was kicked out of preschool for fighting.

Cecile Simmons and her husband are the legal guardians of 4-year-old Jalyn Carter-Simmons. On Dec. 11, 2015, Jalyn was kicked out of Satchel Paige Elementary School by the Kansas City School District, KCTV 5 reports.

Simmons admitted that Jalyn has gotten into a few fights at school but said that the district did not follow proper procedures. She also said she believes the decision to remove Jalyn from the preschool was too drastic.

“A parent has complained that they're going to sue the district if we don't remove Jalyn from the classroom because he's hitting," Simmons told KCTV 5. "But four year olds hit and play. Him and two little boys are always hitting and getting into it.”

Simmons said she tried getting more information on the incident to no avail.

“I was told you can take him to Swope Parkway Behavioral Health for an assessment,” Simmons said. “I said, 'No,' because you never did the classroom observation yet. You have special and exceptional ed for that reason. Jalyn should not have to be taken anywhere.”

Simmons said she also tried working with the school district to get the boy back into class, but that was also unsuccessful.

“If he did need to be in a different setting then we're willing to do that,” she added. “But give us something back. Give us some documentation other than verbal communication or a phone call.”

District officials told the news station they could not provide further information on the case due to privacy concerns. Meanwhile, Simmons said Jalyn asks her everyday when he can go back to school.

“This is not a good environment in the daytime for him,” Simmons added. “He gets lonesome. He wants to be in school.”

Sources: KCTV, KC Public Schools / Photo Credit: KCTV, KC Public Schools

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