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Kindergarten Teacher Fired: Intoxicated In Classroom

A kindergarten student at Larchmont Elementary in Tacoma, Washington, walked into the school’s main office on Feb. 19 and informed officials that something was wrong with teacher Klara Bowman. The assistant principal went into the classroom, at which point she found a cup that allegedly contained alcohol. She was reportedly ‘’fairly intoxicated,” The News Tribune reported. 

Bowman, 32, was fired last week after an investigation. She had an earlier incident involving alcohol in 2011, which resulted in an agreement that if she was caught again, she would be fired, although it is unclear what the circumstances of that incident were. Bowman was hired by the school district in 2008 and she plans to appeal the decision.

"It scares me," said Angela Hadway, who has two children attending Larchmont, told King 5. "A kindergartner could've picked up that cup not knowing, and thinking it was a buddy's and drank it, and then they would have alcohol in their system at five years old. So that scares me, knowing that.”

Other parents were just as concerned. "I can understand, people make mistakes, but you're dealing with children - small children," said parent Jeni Brown.  "The fact that a kindergartner had to go point out that something was wrong, that's what doesn't sit well with me.”

In a letter to students’ caretakers, Larchmont Elementary Principal Cynthia Horner attempted to reassure the community,  Q13FOX reported. Horner wrote:

As most of you know, Ms. Bowman has been away from the classroom for the past week. This letter is to let you know that Ms. Bowman will be out for the remainder of the school year. As this is unexpected, I am asking you to partner with us, in our efforts, to ensure the most successful year possible for your child when we welcome a new teacher.  We are currently in the process of hiring the most qualified teacher to lead the class through the end of the school year...

Sources: The News Tribune, King 5, Q13FOX / Photo credit: King 5

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