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Stranger Rewards Student's Good Behavior (Video)

Things haven’t been easy for Josh Pelfrey or his grandmother since his grandfather died on Thanksgiving Day (video below).

“I was an emotional wreck,” grandmother Dorothy Davis explained to WLWT.

Josh, a fifth grader at Mayfield Elementary School in Middletown, Ohio, had reportedly been supporting his grandmother through this difficult time, and a stranger took notice. That stranger then delivered two pairs of shoes and a $50 gift card to Josh's school to thank him for his good deeds.

“I had a brief interaction with (Josh) and his grandmother at a store recently," the stranger wrote in a note along with the gifts. "I noticed how sweet he was to his grandmother, and voiced my appreciation to her.

“I saw him admiring a pair of shoes, and thought he might find some use for these. I also thought it might be nice if he took his grandma and siblings out to dinner.”

Davis said she knows the stranger is a woman, but she does not know her name.

“I guess I was talking to this person in a store, she wrote a letter and said I was talking to her in the store, and she had seen how Josh had been so attentive to me," Davis said. "She heard our story after talking to me, and she felt like she wanted to do something for us.”

Josh said he was initially nervous when he was summoned to the school’s office to receive his gift.

“I thought I was in trouble and stuff,” he recalled. “She told me she was happy for me, and I was like, 'Why?' She said, 'Look over and look in that box.’"

Davis said she hopes the stranger will come forward so she can thank her.

“They were just a total angel,” Davis said. “They have made my life easier, just with the kindness they've shown. So thank you.”

Commenters on WLWT's Facebook page were touched by Josh's story.

“I for one am thrilled to see something positive being aired about Middletown," Shannon Martin wrote. "A lot of neighboring communities look down on Middletown because all they ever see on the news and read in the newspapers is bad. It's a town with it's own problems as all communities have problems to deal with. Just awesome to see a young man being acknowledged by a total stranger."

Sources: WLWT, WLWT/Facebook / Photo Credit: WLWT

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