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Jerry Seinfeld Tweet Sparks Controversy


Comedian Jerry Seinfeld landed himself in hot water with a tweet many found to be insensitive and tasteless.

The "Seinfeld" star was criticized for a tweet promoting his internet series, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, in which he referenced the Black Lives Matter movement.

"New! Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. Lewis Black. Black's Life Matters," Seinfeld wrote, according to The Wrap.

The tweet immediately garnered backlash.

"This is worse than the finale of ‘Seinfeld’ which I still don’t like," one user tweeted. "Who’s writing your tweets now? The Breitbart humor section staff?"

"Now I see why Larry David wrote all the jokes," another tweeted in reference to Seinfeld's co-writer.

Others, like former presidential candidate Herman Cain, defended Seinfeld's tweet.

"Lighten up, America," Cain said on Fox News. "Some of these people going berserk over this need to get a life."

"The phrase 'black lives matter' is exclusionary by nature because it implies others don't," one defender commented on The Wrap's report, which was shared on Yahoo. "Their angry response to 'all lives matter' only proves that further. To me, when a group feels their lives are more important than everyone else's, their lives become less valuable to me. I'm not the only one that feels this way. Nothing says 'inclusive liberal' like excluding people based on ethnicity.

Seinfeld has been a longtime critic of censorship among comedians, advocating for more openness and less censorship, Us Weekly reports.

"I don’t play colleges," Seinfeld said in a June 25 interview with ESPN. "I hear a lot of people tell me, ‘Don’t go near colleges. They’re so PC."

The comedian said his own daughter had begun to call him out on remarks deemed offensive.

"I'll give you an example: My daughter's 14 ... My wife says to her, ' the next couple years, I think maybe you’re going to want to be hanging around the city more on the weekends, so you can see boys,'" he said. "You know what my daughter says? She says, 'That's sexist.'"

Sources: The Wrap via Yahoo, Fox News, Us Weekly / Photo credit: David Shankbone/Flickr

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