Veteran Kills Ex-Wife, Texts His Kids About It

A jealous cop and veteran accused of killing his former wife in New Jersey agreed to a plea deal March 10.

Philip Seidle, 51, allegedly shot and killed Tamara Wilson-Seidle in June 2015 after chasing her car into a park and causing her to crash. Seidle and Wilson-Seidle's youngest child, a 7-year-old girl, was in his vehicle at the time.

Upon killing his ex-wife, he reportedly texted their nine children, “Your mother is dead because of her actions," according to The Daily Mail.

Seidle reportedly developed violent jealousy after learning his former partner was living with another man.

The couple had been separated for over three years and had recently divorced a few weeks prior to the incident.

“She had condemned me to my children for three and a half years for being with someone else, and then, I never even introduced my kids to my lady," Seidle said in court as he accepted the plea deal, according to CBS. "And now she moves this guy in and replaces me with him, and makes him their father. You know, she commits adultery.”

Multiple police reports had been filed during their marriage, with Wilson-Seidle at one point saying her husband had held her at gunpoint while she was pregnant, The Daily Mail notes.

He also allegedly hit Wilson-Seidle a few times before and engaged in affairs with other women after she recovered from breast cancer and had a double mastectomy.

Now Seidle and Wilson-Seidle’s children are filing lawsuits against various agencies in Monmouth County. They said that considering Seidle's history of domestic dispute, he should not have been allowed to remain a police officer or have a gun.

“This is, hands down, one of the ugliest cases we’ve seen,” Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni said, according to CBS.

Seidle accepted a plea deal for aggravated manslaughter so he can receive a lighter sentence. He also pleaded guilty to endangering a child’s welfare.

Prosecutors reportedly plan to ask the court to sentence Seidle to 30 years behind bars -- the maximum sentence for aggravated manslaughter.

“To avoid further trauma to our family, we have thoughtfully accepted this guilty plea,” Kirsten Seidle, 24, the couple’s eldest child, said. “My family and I will not be answering any questions.”

Seidle is set to be sentenced in August.

Sources: The Daily MailCBS / Photo Credit: CBS New York, Asbury Park Press via The Daily Mail

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