'I Was Just Shocked': Texas Mom Finds Daycare Employee Sleeping On Table (Photo)


A Fort Worth, Texas, mother was outraged to discover her son’s daycare worker sleeping on top of a table, with no other adults in the room. 

Siobhan Howard said she walked into Tonae’s Child Care — where she’s been sending her 6-year-old son, Keyson, since November 2015 — and made the shocking discovery, WFAA reports.

“It seemed like an okay place,” Howard told the news station of the daycare facility. “But I was just shocked.”

Howard added that there were about a half-dozen children in the room with only one adult — who was sleeping on top of a table. She snapped a picture for proof.

“I had to really take a picture and say, 'This is real,'" she said. "And I had to show my husband this is what is happening."

She and her husband subsequently filed a complaint with the state. 

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“It wasn’t like she was in a chair and nodded off,” Howard said.

Tonae operator Jocelyn Brooks said that the worker in question hadn’t been asleep for long and was exhausted from taking care of a newborn.

“No child was hurt, and it wasn’t intentional,” Brooks added.

Howard later posted the photo to Facebook out of concern for other families who might be sending their children to the facility. 

“I walked out with [Keyson]," she said. “Anyone could’ve walked out with him.”

An investigation by the Department of Family and Protective Services is currently underway and could take up to 30 days to complete. According to the Department’s website, Tonae has had more than 20 violations over the course of two years. Some are minor, while others are flagged as “High Risk Level.”

Sources: WFAA, WTSP / Photo credit: WFAA

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