Firefighters Rescue Kitten From Inside Wall (Photos)


So far, April has been a big month for kitten rescues in the U.S.

San Leandro, California, firefighters were called to a home on April 5 to rescue a kitten that was stuck in the walls of the home, SF Gate reported.

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Capt. Seth Anderson of Rescue 24 told SF Gate that a cat had kittens in the home's attic and one of the kittens must have fallen down into the wall.

The fire rescue crew used a thermal imaging camera to pinpoint the kitten's location. They made a small hole in the wall to confirm that the camera was correct and, using a hacksaw, cut a hole to extract the kitten.

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Anderson said the kitten was in fair condition despite the fall and the time spent in the wall.

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A similar incident occurred in Deerfield Beach, Florida, after a family began hearing meowing sounds in their home, the Miami Herald reports. Firefighters arrived at the family's home on April 11 and were able to extract the kitten from the wall. They estimated that the kitten had been in the wall for roughly two days after falling from the attic. The family adopted the kitten and named it Hugo.

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Sources: SF Gate,Miami Herald / Photo Credit: Alameda County Fire Department via SF Gate , Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue via Miami Herald

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