Woman Hangs Herself In Bid To See Friend One Last Time


A woman hanged herself in a bid to "control death" and meet her dead friend one last time before returning back to life. 

The Daily Mail reports that 25-year-old Jazmine Howarth from Radcliffe, Great Manchester, England, attempted to go halfway to "the land of the dead" to meet her recently deceased friend, Dionne Corbett.

Howarth and Corbett grew up together and were like sisters to each other.  So naturally, when Corbett died Howarth was devastated.  But after visiting Corbett's body in a chapel, Howarth attempted to cheat death. 

Her plan, according to letters she had written to Corbett prior to the hanging, was to only die halfway so she could make sure Howarth was on the path to Heaven, and then return back to life again. 

Her aunt, Michelle Howarth, shared her thoughts on the situation. 

We actually thought that she was much more settled than she had been in a long time. Obviously when her friend Dionne died she was absolutely devastated and the day before Jazmine took her own life she went to say goodbye to Dionne in the chapel with her mom. But there was no indication to her mom that she was thinking of joining her. The letter to her mom indicated that whatever she intended to do, she thought she could control it. She was very much planning for the funeral, she was looking at reading, planning for that. I know nobody ever expects it but we weren't -- it wasn't even on our radar.

Jazmine's fiance, Brendan Cawley, told the inquest:

They classed each other as sisters, one wouldn't do without the other. She broke down crying saying, "Yeah, but I promised I would go and get her."  She said that she wanted to go and see her, go halfway to make sure she was alright. Two days before she died I woke up in the middle of the night and looked at Jazmine, she was writing on a piece of paper. I said, "What are you doing?" She said, "Nothing, it's stupid." I thought in my head that it must be something to do with Dionne.

Crawley claims that a TV signal was tuning in and out at the time, and that Howarth told him that she was writing the words down in case it was her friend trying to communicate with her. 

On the day of her death, Jazmine fought with Crawley, then ran home and hung herself.  

The story has gone viral on Facebook, with some users taking the opportunity to poke fun at the idea of cheating death. 

One user wrote, "That's a one way ticket! Now they have a sleepover. Apparently the brain cells were lacking in this one." 

Another added, "I usually have empathy, but in this instance, I have no empathy for someone I don't know, especially when they're clearly stupid enough to do think they can almost die, but not quite." 

Crawley is grief-stricken over the incident. He said, "She had a mistaken belief that she could just pass beyond and return. Quite clearly that was a mistake on her part. It's probably the naivety of youth that resulted in her sad, tragic and untimely death."

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mail/Facebook / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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