Child Has Burns On Hands, Mother Wants Answers (Video)


A Texas mother wants answers after second-degree burns were discovered on her child’s hands after a day at his child care center (video below).

Clerysse Johnson’s 13-month-old son, Caleb, was crying uncontrollably when she picked him up from Twinkle Montessori Center in Round Rock, Texas, April 6. Staff told Johnson he was crying because he did not want to play outside, as noted by KVUE.

"I picked him up and that's when I knew something was wrong," Johnson told KEYE-TV. "He kept curling his body like he was in a lot of pain."

Johnson took her son to the emergency room, where doctors discovered second-degree burns on Caleb’s hands.

"I was scared because I was [thinking], how long has he been in burning pain?" she told KXAN.

Johnson believes the injury happened at the child care center, whereas the director stated that there is nothing in the children’s areas that would burn someone.

"Now when he wakes up he hugs me for a really long time, whereas before he would just get up and go," said Johnson.

The Department of Family and Protective Services stated that Child Care Licensing is investigating Johnson’s complaint in addition to other violations, such as child abuse, neglect, supervision, competency, injury, first aid and CPR. Local police have also launched an investigation.

Twinkle Montessori Center has also been cited for more than 40 deficits in the past two years, some of which had been reported to the department, according the Department of Family and Protective Services. Two high-risk cases were investigated over the past month. In April 2015, a teacher was fired after leaving a child alone in a bathroom for more than two hours.

Several commenters are debating the case on the KEYE Facebook page, some of which stated that a number of parents and teachers left the child care center completely, never to return.

"I don't think this is the parent's fault because she stated she dropped him off without those marks," wrote Geleen Marie Friemel. "Plus the daycare teacher could've mentioned that they [noticed] the marks as the child was dropped off. Marks like that should've been noticed right away and no one contacted her throughout the time the child was at the daycare."

Sources: KXAN, KVUE, KEYE, KEYE/Facebook / Photo credit: KVUE

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