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Man Charged For Attacking Pregnant Girlfriend

A Milwaukee man has been charged with battery after he allegedly kicked his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach and head after she found him texting with another woman.

Hector Acevedo, 22, faces charges of misdemeanor battery, criminal damage to property, and disorderly conduct after he allegedly attacked his girlfriend, who is pregnant with the couple's child, on Nov. 13. Acevedo had reportedly been texting with another woman, and when his girlfriend found the pair's messages, she told Acevedo to leave her home, WITI reports.

After she told him to get out, Acevedo allegedly pulled the woman off of the couch by her legs before kicking her in her stomach and head. He also allegedly knocked over a TV, threw a chair through a window in the home's living room, and repeatedly hit his girlfriend's car with a blunt object, according to the police report.

Acevedo had previously been convicted of possession of THC, leading police to add habitual criminality to his list of charges, WDJT reports.

It was not made clear in the police report how Acevedo received the bruises on his face that can be seen in his booking photo.

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In a similar crime one year earlier, a Welsh man was convicted of attacking his pregnant girlfriend, allegedly kicking her repeatedly in the stomach, according to The Daily Post.

"You kicked her repeatedly in the stomach in the presence of members of the public, who were rightly alarmed at your conduct," said the judge in the case to Andrew Grant Prince, who was jailed for one year over the attack.

Prince's girlfriend gave birth to a healthy baby girl only nine days after the incident.

"It is utterly remarkable that nine days after the attack your victim gave birth to a healthy child," the judge continued. "The injuries to your victim mercifully were not serious."

A man who reportedly witnessed the attack said that he saw Prince kick the victim several times in her stomach.

"Any right-minded person will know that anyone who kicks a pregnant woman in the stomach must receive a custodial sentence," said the judge.

Sources: WITI, WDJT, The Daily Post / Photo credit: H. Michael Karshis/Flickr, WITI

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