'It Made Such A Difference': NYC Man Looking For Police Officer Who Helped Him Get A Job


A New York man is searching for the police officer who helped him land his first job in 10 years.

James Roberts, a 58-year-old Bronx resident, wants to thank the police officer who helped him in his time of need.

"I never thought I would meet one as nice as him," Roberts told DNAinfo. "I call him super cop, because he saved my day."

Roberts met the officer on Dec. 7, 2015, on his way to a job interview. As an ex-con, Roberts had been struggling to find work for a decade.

"Every place I went, that’s all they kept throwing in my face is my past," he explained. "Instead of saying, 'Well, he did all that and he's trying to get a job, maybe he's changed' — they don’t think like that.”

Through America Works, an agency that matches “hard-to-serve” clients with suitable employment opportunities, Roberts received a job interview with an airport car rental company. However, he didn’t realize the interview was at a hiring agency and not at LaGuardia Airport.

As Roberts did not have enough money on his MetroCard to take the bus to the correct location, he called his social worker in a panic. A nearby police officer noticed that Roberts was upset. After explaining his predicament and asking the cop for directions to the agency, the officer offered Roberts a ride to his interview.

"He said, 'You're not going to walk there and make it there,'” Roberts told WABC News. “'What time do you have to be there?' and I said, '1 o'clock,' and it was like 12-something, and he said, 'Get in the car.'"

Roberts promised the officer he would treat him to lunch if he got the job. A few days later, he started working with rental car companies at the airport.

"What he did was so above and beyond," Dr. Lee Bowes, CEO of America Works, told DNAinfo. "It made such a difference in this man's life."

"I'll never forget him," Roberts said. "I look for this guy every day I come to work. Every time I walk out here to go to lunch, I look for him. Every time I see a police car by the bus stop right there, I go look.”

Sources: DNAinfo, WABC News, America Works / Photo credit: WCBS News, Jeanmarie Evelly/DNAinfo

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