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Fired Fast Food Worker Takes His Anger Out On His Uniform

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A man from St. Johns County, Florida, was arrested on Jan. 13 after setting fire to his uniform and hat after he was fired from his job at Burger King.

Timothy Alejandro Ortiz, 24, walked out of the Burger King in Palencia, Florida, where he worked, just after being fired, and proceeded to set his hat and shirt on fire, according to the St. Augustine Record. The uniform was supposed to be returned to Burger King after he was fired.

Ortiz left the uniform burning on the ground outside the restaurant, and got into several arguments “with the managers and customers who saw what happened and called the sheriff’s office,” according to a report from the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office. 

By the time officers arrived at the scene, Ortiz was gone. He was later confronted outside of his home by police, and he reportedly yelled and cursed at a deputy.

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He then became more aggressive and refused to be handcuffed, prompting the deputy to fire his stun gun and subdue the man. 

Ortiz was arrested on charges of damage to property, resisting an officer without violence and disorderly conduct.

Sources: St. Augustine Record, Newser / Photo credit: St. Augustine Record

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