Man Reportedly Waterboards Girlfriend


Authorities accused a Wisconsin man of waterboarding his girlfriend in June 2015 to force her into confessing she had been unfaithful.

The controversial torture technique is reportedly one of many acts of abuse Dylan VanCamp, 22, has inflicted upon his girlfriend, The Washington Post reports.

Waterboarding is a physically dangerous interrogation tactic used to make victims feel as if they are drowning. It is considered torture by the Obama administration, which discontinued using it as a tool in fighting terrorism.

VanCamp reportedly used the torture technique on his girlfriend after learning she was talking to a man on social media. He also allegedly punched her. The pair had been dating for about a month at the time of the alleged waterboarding.

Although she was able to run away from him that day, he later dragged her out of her apartment’s shower, attacked her and held a knife to her face.

“VanCamp dumped about 3 cups of water [on her], trying to get her to admit that she was cheating with the guy she had been on the computer with,” police said.

The woman also “stated that she could not breathe and it felt like she was drowning.”

In addition to waterboarding, VanCamp is accused of violently attacking his girlfriend on other occasions up to the point where she nearly fainted. At one point, he allegedly choked her.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I am not going back to prison,” VanCamp said while crying to his girlfriend.

VanCamp has a criminal background and has been previously convicted with other assault-related and drug charges.

The woman said she did not report the abuse earlier because she was afraid of VanCamp.

“I pursue these domestic violence cases to let people know we are watching and we are not going to brush these kinds of crimes under the rug,” District Attorney Don Dunphy, who is working on the case, said. “Now having said that, I would remind you that Mr. VanCamp is only alleged to have committed these crimes and he is currently presumed innocent.”

New York Daily News reports VanCamp is in custody and will appear in court on March 16.

Sources: The Washington Post,New York Daily News / Photo credit: Lincoln County Jail via New York Daily News

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