Man Intervenes In Potential Shooting


A Missouri man stopped a potentially deadly bar fight by body-slamming a man who pulled out a handgun on Feb. 17.

“You don’t have time to think about, like I’m scared to do this,” explained Ryan Sylva, who, thanks to a decision made in a split second, may have saved lives, reports KFOR. “You just have to be committed to doing something. There is risk involved, sure. But you’re not really thinking of that then. There’s not a lot of time for that. You either do something or you run away.”

About six men began fighting each other at John's Big Deck in Kansas City, Missouri, early that morning. During the fight, 29-year-old Galen Hill pulled a gun out to shoot.

“It was really shocking,” the bar’s manager, Chad Sander, said. “Like, it took me way off guard. It’s something I’m definitely not used to because that’s not the type of crowds we attract.”

He said in the seven years he has owned the bar, it has never experienced a shooting, WDAF reports.

“I was right there, but Ryan was the one that had the momentum and was all over it,” Sander added.

Sylva, who used to work in nightclub security,  successfully stepped in by applying his former trade’s skills to the situation.

“I just, as quick as I could, just stepped around like for wrestling, just kind of ducked under to the back side of him and just picked him up around the waist and slammed him on the ground,” Sylva said. The gun fell to the floor, and Sylva grabbed it and unloaded it.

“I’m just used to adverse situations and keeping a calm head,” he explained. “It was just second nature.”

Police arrested Hill, who has a criminal background. Hill has pleaded guilty to five crimes in the past, including a felony.

If he is found guilty of being a felon in possession of a firearm, he could face 10 years on prison. 

Sources: KFOR, WDAF / Photo credit: WDAF

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