Man Shot Dead After Being Hosed Out Of His Van By Cops (Video)

A video depicting the moment firefighters blasted a California man out of his large vehicle with a water hose -- just before he was shot dead -- has emerged (video below).

The man, Michael Anthony Perez, had been pulled over by police in Anaheim on the evening of March 11 for a broken tail light but refused to step out of his minivan, Daily Mail reports.

At one point, police say the father-of-six took out a gas container and a lighter, an act which alarmed law enforcement officials. 

"We felt this guy was going to light himself on fire or blow the car up," Orange County Police Officer Lt. Fred Lopez said. 

"We thought it could be combustible, so they felt a plan needed to be put into place to save his life," Lopez added, KTLA reports.

The cops later found that Perez has a criminal record that featured drugs and weapons charges, Orange County Police Sgt. Rob Thorsen said. 

The video shows police officers talking to Perez, who is sitting in the driver's seat and smoking a cigarette. As they continue to talk, two officers are seen covertly sneaking up to the side of Perez's mini-van. 

The two officers then smash the window behind Perez so that firefighters could point a strong water hose into the vehicle.

Perez, surprised by the move, is affected by the hose's blast but manages to shift himself into the backseat of his car.

He eventually decides to exit the car through the front window, but, in the process, accidentally sets off the car horn and drops what was allegedly a small knife from his hand.

In the video, a voice is heard exclaiming, "Knife!" followed by the sound of gun shots. Perez slips and hits the ground just as a cop attempts to take hold of him, but the sound of another gun shot has him backing off. 

Perez was able to stand again before collapsing as five officers pointed their guns at him. Two knives were found at the scene.

The 33-year-old suspect was shot once and immediately taken to the hospital, where he died from his injuries the next day. 

"We try to use less lethal rounds, but it is not always possible," Lopez said. 

Onlookers could be heard openly criticizing the police for shooting Perez.

"What the f*** are you shooting for? What are you shooting for?" a male witness exclaimed. 

The incident is currently being investigated by the office of the county district attorney.  

Sources: Daily Mail, KTLA / Photo credit: Highway Patrol Images/Flickr

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