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Spurned Lover Uses Cat As Revenge

In a strange twist of events, a man used a cat to successfully take revenge on his unfaithful partner.

In a fiery text exchange uploaded on Imgur, the lovers take turns throwing threats at the other after the unapologetic girlfriend blames her partner for her infidelity.

But for some reason, it's only when the cat is mentioned that things really take a turn for the worse, reports the Daily Mail. 

"I'm sorry your gone everyday for so long,"  the woman wrote in response to her boyfriend after he accused her of cheating.

The man grew even more enraged.

"I have to work," he responds. "To pay the bills. I'm the only source of income we have."

But the woman refuses to bend or show any remorse, causing the fight to escalate.

"F*** you I'm done," the man responds after his partner tells him the name of the man she'd been cheating with. "Also kicking you off the data plan tomorrow and you have until 8 pm to pack your s*** never ever talk to me again."

Still, even at this point, the girlfriend is unfazed and continues in her attempts to make him panic by claiming he will still have to pay child support.

The man, who says he is not the child's father, says he will not have to pay.

"I'm not the father, the father of the child pays child support," he writes. "I see you get the stupidity from your parents."

But it's what he writes immediately after that wins him the upper hand.

"Oh and also one thing, for some reason the front door was left open and Muffin is gone I can't find him anywhere," the man lied about her 12-year-old cat, Muffin.

At this point, the previously calm woman loses all control. 

"You crossed the line you f***er,'" she writes in response.

The man later explained on Imgur he made up the story about the cat.

"Muffin is still in his kitty tower [do not] worry," he wrote.

The post captured widespread attention on Imgur, drawing mixed responses. While many showed sympathy for the man, others condemned both partners.

"This honestly looks like a couple 12 year olds texting with the insults," wrote one Imgur user.

Others were more concerned for the cat.

"Oh thank god Muffin is still okay," wrote another commenter.

Sources: Imgur, Daily Mail / Photo credit: SunOfErat/Wikimedia Commons

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