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Tim Tebow Prays Over Fan After Seizure At Baseball Game (Video)

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Former NFL player Tim Tebow is in the news again after he was pictured praying over a fan who had a seizure after Tebow's debut Arizona Fall League baseball game (video below).

After the game, Tebow stuck around in the heat to greet fans and was shocked when one suddenly fell to the ground. Tebow rushed over and found the fan convulsing and foaming at the mouth, and then began to pray over him while EMTs tended to the man. 

“Tebow signing autographs. Fan has what looks like seizure. Not moving. Tebow puts hand on him and says a prayer. Man breathes. WOW,” KNXV reporter Kari Van Horn tweeted. “I just witnessed a MIRACLE.”

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The fan went limp, and Tebow put his hand on him and said a quick prayer just before the fan began gasping for air. He eventually came to and was able to speak with Tebow before being transported to the hospital.

“You're a Bulldog? You're kidding me,” Tebow told him upon learning that he was a fan of his rival team. He then wished the man well.

“They’re going to take good care of you, buddy,” he said. 

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The man was reportedly transported to an emergency room, though no updates have been given as to his condition.

Tebow, who recently signed a minor-league deal with the New York Mets, was known in the NFL for putting his faith on display during games and praying frequently. 

The remarkable story quickly went viral, with many readers praising the player for reaching out to the fan.

“Tim Tebow is a quality individual who I would have on my team any day over 99% of the rest of America,” one Daily Mail reader wrote.

“Tebow is merely human, but so much moreso than many others. Love him!” said another.

Sources: Daily Mail, KNXV / Photo credit: Alan Light/Flickr, Twitter via Daily Mail

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