Man Survives Nearly Falling Off Cliff When Bus Hits Him


After surviving one crash, a California driver was then struck by a bus upon escaping his car while it teetered dangerously on a ledge April 2.

The male adult driver of the silver SUV reportedly lost control of his car and slammed into a guardrail, the Lost Hills Sheriff's Station wrote on their Facebook page.

When he exited the vehicle, he was disoriented. He was promptly struck by a passing tour bus when he walked into traffic.

Authorities quickly responded and treated the man, who was fortunately found conscious and breathing.

He was then transported to a local hospital. It is unclear what his current condition is.

“This is another reminder of the need to drive safely through the canyons of our beautiful area and to use extreme caution at the scene of a traffic collision. The accident is being investigated by the [California Highway Patrol],” added Lost Hills Sheriff's Station.

In Canada, one 20-year-old female driver at a national historic site was not so lucky. She suffered multiple injuries after her car went over a rocky cliff April 3, Global News reports.

Even firefighters found the incident astonishing.

“As you can imagine, that was a bit of a new one for us,” said Rick Mackey, who has worked as a firefighter for 30 years. “I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

“I can’t even speculate on how or why she managed to be up there,” he added.

Mack explained the 20-year-old must have figured out a way to breach the gate, as it was a restricted area.

Removing the car and saving the woman also proved to be a difficult task.

“Because of the precarious position of the vehicle and all the hiking trails that are well-used up there, we needed to make sure that nobody would walk underneath the area that the car was perched,” said Mackey.

“The winds were actually making the car move and it could have easily kept sliding down and it wouldn’t have stopped until it went into the [harbor],” he added.

It’s unclear yet if the woman was thrown downward by the crash or if she intentionally fell off.

Sources: Lost Hills Sheriff's Station/FacebookGlobal News / Photo credit: Lost Hills Sheriff's Station/Facebook

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