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Homeless Ex-NFL Player Responds To Guy's Bullying (Video)

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A homeless man was caught on video (below) fighting a man who sucker-punched him — though the bully had no idea just who he was messing with.

In a video of the incident, the homeless man can be seen throwing several brutal punches to the bully next to a bench outside of a store. The two fight for several seconds before the homeless man starts walking away. The bully follows him, seemingly ready to jump him. 

They appear ready to fight again before they both give up and go separate ways.

After the video began to circulate, it became widely reported that the incident took place in Valencia, California, and that the homeless man in question was former NFL player Chris Brymer, Total Pro Sports notes. However, the homeless man's identify remains unconfirmed.

Brymer has had a rough go of it since leaving the NFL in 2001. He began a business called CMG Capital, which quickly fell apart. Brymer soon lost his two homes and divorced his wife, and his mental state quickly deteriorated.

"He started saying he was God and stopped working," his ex-wife told L.A. Weekly in 2010. "He would write down all his demands — 'God is going to deliver me $5 billion by 10 p.m. Eastern time.' He would just sit there in his office, watching the birds."

Brymer was unofficially diagnosed with CTE, brain degeneration that many ex-NFL players have suffered from as a result of repeated head trauma. 

Watch the intense brawl below.

Sources: Total Pro Sports, L.A. Weekly / Photo credit: YouTube

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