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Party Guests Wake To Find Bodies' Covered In Tattoos (Photos)

A house party in Old Billingham, England, will never be forgotten by five people in attendance because of what they found in the morning.

Lauren Durham, 25, Jamie Farrow, 25, husband and wife Jamie and Amy Hipkins, aged 27 and 25 respectively, and Richie Cowley, 24, shared more than a gallon of vodka at a party, as well as time with host Jamie Hipkins' tattoo gun.

“We’d been at a house party at Jamie’s and we were a couple of hours into it," Durham said, according to The Gazette. “We’d all had a drink and it was me who instigated it. Long story short, the guy whose house it was had a tattoo gun and he ended up getting it out."

The group tattooed each other's names on their bodies, their postal codes and the acronym OBC, meaning "Old Billingham Crew."

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“[My mom] was not impressed and said it was about time I grew up,” Durham said, who now permanently has the name Richie tattooed on her ankle and postal code TS23 on her arm.

“We thought it was hilarious at the time," she added. "I can remember doing it. But when I woke up it was painful -- and it wasn’t painful at the time."

“I think the ‘Richie’ at the bottom of my leg is going to have to stay there as it’s too deep and thick," she said.

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The following morning on a group chat the friends said, "what on earth have we done," and then shared pictures.

“I have accepted it now," Durham said.

Should Durham and her friends decide they do not want their new tattoos, they can have them removed with a laser. 

“Thankfully ... with good quality, medical tattoo lasers and clinicians who have undergone appropriate training, they can be removed safely and effectively with a very low incidence of scarring or adverse reactions," Louise Morten-Holden of Erase Aesthetics said.

It usually takes between four to eight treatments for a tattoo to be completely removed, Morten-Holden said.

The cost associated with tattoo removal is typically determined by the size of the tattoo and the number of treatments required, according to Tataway. If Q-switched technology is used, then the cost may be between $50 to $800 per treatment. With Picosecond, a technology that breaks the ink into smaller particles, costs range from $200 to $2000 per treatment.

Sources: The Gazette, Tataway / Photo credit: The Gazette

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