Mom's Boyfriend Arrested For 'Scalping' 3-Year-Old Girl


An Indiana man has been arrested for allegedly abusing his girlfriend's 3-year-old daughter. He is accused of inflicting a "scalping" injury on the toddler that resulted in significant swelling and bruising on her head.  

Andrew Milburn of Russiaville, Indiana, was charged with battery resulting in serious bodily injury to a person less than 14 years of age and taken into custody on March 1, Fox 59 reported.

The girl's mother, Noel Maxwell, said she allowed her boyfriend, Milburn, to take her daughter to a party at his parents' house on the night of Feb. 23 while she stayed at home to get some rest. The two reportedly returned to the house late that night while Maxwell was asleep.

The next morning, the woman went to check on her daughter and noticed severe swelling on the side of the child's head. When she confronted Milburn about the injury, he claimed the girl had fallen out of a chair at his parents' house.

However, Maxwell discovered the horrific truth after she rushed the girl to the hospital.

The toddler was first taken to St. Vincent's Hospital in Frankfort, Indiana, and was later transferred to Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health, according to Fox 59.

Doctors found that the girl's injuries were a result of "scalping," a condition that occurs when the scalp is forcibly detached from the skull. This results in extensive bruising and swelling as blood settles around the skull. 

Police investigators from the Howard County Sheriff's Department learned that Milburn had become physically abusive with the toddler at his parents' house for an unknown reason and struck her multiple times in the head.

He also allegedly pulled the toddler's hair or dragged her around by her hair, resulting in the injury to her scalp, according to Mad World News.

The man is currently being held in jail on a $25,000 bond. 

Sources: Fox 59, Mad World News / Photo credit: Fox 59

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