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Tiny Baby Bird Rescued After Falling Into Truck (Photos)

When something fell from the sky into a truck, one group of friends was shocked to discover it was not debris, but a baby bird.

Luckily for the tiny animal, who was just a few days old, the group enlisted the help of their friend Chelsea Toston -- a woman who has saved many rescue birds in the past, The Dodo reports.

"There weren't any trees around, so we assume that [the bird] was birdnapped from her nest and dropped by another bird," Toston said.

She rescued the frail bird and named it "Larry." Although she and her friends later found out the bird was not a boy, the name would stick.

Toston  took the baby back home where she built a makeshift nest in her nightstand drawer.

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Instead of hiding out in her nest all day, the baby turned was very affectionate and wanted Toston to hold her as much as possible.

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Toston said sometimes she would snuggle up into her hand or neck -- and at times, amusingly enough, even in her bra.

In addition to loving bras, Larry the quirky female bird also has an unusual fondness for grapes.

"She has a specific excited chirp that comes out when she eats grapes,” Toston said.

The bird’s family also includes three cats and a dog, who the baby ignores, opting for cuddles from Toston and her boyfriend instead.

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Under the care of her unusual new family, the baby is now blossoming into a healthy young sparrow.

"As she learned to fly, there was no escaping her, which we were OK with," Toston said. "Now, she can hear us coming down the hallway and is already hovering at the door when you open it."

Yet while the bird is doing well under Toston’s care, authorities advise anybody who finds a stranded bird not to take them in.

“Once you're sure the animal needs your help, call a wildlife rehabilitator for assistance," the Humane Society writes on its website, which includes contact details for the relevant agencies. "If you’re unable to locate a rehabilitator, try contacting an animal shelter, humane society, animal control agency, nature center, state wildlife agency or veterinarian."

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Sources: The DodoHumane Society / Photo Credit: Chelsea Toston via The Dodo

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