Cat Survives 8-Mile-Ride In Car Bumper


After an 8-mile ride attached to a vehicle bumper, a cat was reunited with its owner.

In San Diego, California, a 5-year-old lynx point Siamese cat worked its way inside the front bumper of a car. The driver, who was completely unaware of her new passenger, drove approximately 8 miles from Santee to Grantville on Feb. 24 before realizing that an animal was hanging head first out of her vehicle, the San Diego County News Center reports.

According to County of San Diego's Department of Animal Services, some Good Samaritans flagged her down so she could pull over.

“The cat probably saw several of its nine lives pass before its eyes during the eight mile drive,” the department wrote on its Facebook page on Feb. 26.

Onlookers used a crowbar to free the animal, and Animal Services brought the animal to a shelter for a veterinary examination.

Since the cat was originally adopted from one of the department’s shelters, it already had a microchip. They contacted the cat’s owner, who lives near the driver.

“We microchip all animals that are adopted,” the Department wrote in a Facebook comment. “Since Gnocchi was adopted from one of our shelters, the owner's information was already in our database. A microchip is definitely that animal's ticket home!”

“Such a wild testimony for having cats chipped!” Facebook user Dana Storms wrote in the comments section. “Animals can get out, even with every precaution in place, microchipping and registering that chip is SO important!”

County of San Diego's Department of Animal Services recommends taking precautions when parking outside in order to warn animals who may have made their way inside a vehicle.

“If you park your car outside, tap the hood of the car or tap your horn lightly to alert any animals that might be looking for warmth from your car’s engine,” Daniel DeSousa, deputy director of County of San Diego's Department of Animal Services, told the San Diego County News Center. “Tapping will scare them and they’ll run off.”

“Cats love to hide under cars, especially when it's cold or hot outside,” Leah Daniel wrote on the KTLA 5 News Facebook page. “You should always rap on the hood before starting a car and driving away. I drove to work with a kitten on top of the air filter cover. SO upsetting. The kitten was as lucky as this cat. Many aren't.”

Nevertheless, the cat appeared to be relatively unfazed by his 8-mile adventure.

“ ... [S]eeing him at his house today, he acts like nothing ever happened,” the Animal Services Department wrote in a Facebook comment.

Sources: San Diego County News Center, County of San Diego Department of Animal Services/Facebook, KTLA 5 News/Facebook / Photo Credit: County of San Diego Department of Animal Services/Facebook, San Diego County News Center

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