Officers Denied Service At Taco Bell

Taco Bell officials have apologized after five police officers in Louisville, Kentucky, were denied service at one of the fast food chain's restaurants.

The incident occurred on Aug. 18. Five uniformed Louisville Metro Police Department officers stopped at a local Taco Bell for lunch when one employee walked away saying, “I’m not taking their order,” WDRB reported.

Another employee stepped forward to take their orders, according to Fraternal Order of Police President Dave Mutchler.

“In the meantime, the officers heard a conversation between two other employees that were food preparers,” Mutchler told WDRB. “One of them told the other one, ‘I want to mess with them. I want to mess with them.’ He followed that up by saying, ‘I’m gonna mess with them. I’m gonna mess with them.’”

The officers did not see any managers. Instead, they decided to leave the restaurant.

Andy Hall, who works closely with law enforcement, says he was outraged by the incident.

"It upset me to have that in our community," Hall told the news station.

Hall took to Facebook to spread awareness.

“I am both saddened and sickened to hear this and can promise that I will never visit a Taco Bell again even after they apologize and provide a corporate press release to control the damage,” Hall wrote.

Taco Bell corporate issued the following statement to WLKY on Aug. 23:

Taco Bell and Bells & Birds, Inc., the franchise owner of this Louisville Taco Bell, do not tolerate discrimination in any way. Bells & Birds, Inc. deeply regrets these officers felt unwelcome in the restaurant, and has apologized directly to the officers and the Louisville Metro Police Department, who made it clear they did not want anyone to lose their job over this incident. We appreciate their ongoing support, and the franchisee is working to re-train its staff at this location.

“[The officers] obviously hope that whatever the case is, that it’s resolved so that these employees can’t do something like that to anyone in the community or other police officers," Mutchler added.

Sources: WDRB, WLKY / Photo credit: WDRB

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