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Driving Lesson Leaves Car Overturned

A Pennsylvania mother and daughter were having a driving lesson when things took a terrifying turn.

The incident, which happened in Penn Township, Pennsylvania, on Oct. 12, began when the daughter was out practicing driving with her mother, according to WPVI. The daughter, who police say does not have a license, mistook the gas pedal for the brake, leading to a roll down an embankment.

The car ended up turned over on its roof. The vehicle was reportedly inches away from slipping into Blue Marsh Lake.

The driver and her mother are reportedly both expected to be fine after the accident.

On the same day, but on the other side of the world in Hamilton, New Zealand, a similar incident occurred.

A husband and wife were having a driving lesson, before the wife, who was learning to drive, crashed the couple's van into a lake, Newshub reports. In a video of the aftermath, the van's red roof is seen in the water.

A witness said the driver was in shock after the incident. Another witness added that the woman was pregnant.

"We were at the park, and then we saw the red van go into the lake, and then there was only one person helping, so we came over here to help, but then the lady was already out," said the witness. "And then the car went under really quick."

Scott Keelty, who works at a cafe by Lake Rotoroa, described how bystanders jumped into the water to save the couple, who weren't able to open the vehicle's doors, according to the New Zealand Herald.

"It was a couple doing a driving lesson in a car park facing the lake and she's hit the wrong pedal," said Keelty. "A couple of bystanders jumped in and swam out and got the lady out first. Neither of them could swim so they had to be helped to shore."

Sources: WPVI, Newshub, New Zealand Herald / Photo credit: WPVI

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