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Woman Stays In 100-Year-Old Tree To Fight Its Removal

Georgia Power was planning on cutting down a large tree in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Cross Creek Condominiums, but they’ve encountered a serious obstacle: Jennifer Firestone.

Firestone is sitting in the tree to prevent its removal and she told 11 Alive "... it can come down with me in it.”

Georgia power wants a 100-foot easement on the property, although they currently have 40 feet. The Cross Creek HOA board president, John Whitfield, Jr., says giving them the easement would "... lead to the destruction of hundreds and trees and existing landscape,” affecting 142 condo owners. 

Firestone says the tree is at least 100 years old and has been with her family since the 1960s - she still loves waking up to the sight of it outside her window. “I didn’t plan this, quite frankly. I did it because the chainsaws were coming in and I saw them taking down other trees on the property and it was the only thing I could think of doing,” she told 11 Alive in a separate interview. Firestone admitted she’s not sure if legal intervention would prevent the tree’s destruction. 

Georgia Power spokesperson Ashley Stukes said the company didn’t want to disturb the wildlife. "The construction work near the Cross Creek Condos is related to a large scale infrastructure project in Northwest Atlanta. This is a multi-year project critical to ensuring reliability in Atlanta including Hartsfield-Jackson, the CDC and hundreds of thousands of residents,” she said in a statement.

“We appreciate residents’ concerns regarding trees in the area and we’re committed to working with management at the residential complex, as well as through the entire project, to minimize the impact to established trees and vegetation.”

Police have attempted to talk Firestone out of the tree, but to no avail. She is currently still in the tree and there doesn’t seem to be an end to the standoff. 

Sources: 11Alive (2) Image via 11Alive

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