Father Upset After Children Sent Home For Wearing Red


California father Marquis Ashford is upset after Westmore Oaks Elementary School sent his children home for wearing the color red on Feb. 17.

Ashford’s 8-year-old son was sent home from the Sacramento-area school for wearing a red San Francisco 49ers T-shirt and his 8-year-old daughter was sent home for wearing a red jacket, according to KTXL.

The school says some gang members have been known to wear red, so the color is forbidden by the dress code. Ashford noted that his children aren’t gang members.

“And then you sit my children in an office all day, and deny them their education, for wearing a 49ers shirt,” Ashford said. “He’s only 8 years old, and my daughter as well.”

The Washington Unified School District explained that the staff did nothing wrong and that Ashford’s children simply violated the dress code.

“It takes the attention away from what a student might be wearing and it shifts their focus to what they’re doing in the classroom,” Giorgos Kazanis, communications director for Washington Unified School District, said.

Because West Sacramento has a number of validated gang members and known gang problems, the district believes reaching out to kids early in life is essential.

Ashford explained that he tries to teach his children to stand up for what’s right, and that he set an example by defending their clothing. 

Sources: Topix, KTXL / Photo credit: Topix 

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