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Elderly Woman Grabs Gun To Protect Husband (Video)

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The wife of an elderly man who was attacked by an intruder grabbed a gun and took matters into her own hands to save her husband (video below).

The woman, according to American News, grabbed her gun and walked into the room where her 75-year-old husband was being stabbed by an intruder. She shot the suspect and killed him, then called 911. Her husband was rushed to the hospital, where he remained in stable condition.

The now-deceased intruder reportedly had a criminal record, though he was clearly no match for the old woman and her firearm.

Readers on American News' Facebook page praised the woman for her brave actions and for stepping in to save her husband.

  • “They need to honor her. She did what she had to do. She was just protecting her home and family. Wrong house, Thug. I, too, could only hope to react in the same manner as this lady did to protect my family. I pray to be fast enough to defend. Good job,” one reader commented on American News’ Facebook page.
  • “Good for you grandma. I'm so glad her husband is going to be ok. She saved his life and her own. I do not own a gun, but I totally support the 2nd amendment. Illinois has the strictest gun control laws, and the highest murder rate to go with it,” another added.
  • “That is awesome that she was able to save her husband and herself This is happening much to often with older people. So its good when they can protect themselves,” another reader wrote.

In a similar incident in Miami, Florida, a homeowner shot and critically injured an intruder who broke into his home while his wife and two sons were inside. The two boys were 5 and 9 years old. The 22-year-old suspect was taken to the hospital in critical condition, the Miami Herald reported. 

Sources: American News/Facebook, American News, Keyly 2016/YouTube, Miami Herald / Photo credit: American News 

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