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Driving Instructor Killed While Student Was Behind The Wheel

On Jan. 16, driving instructor Paul L. Foster, 69, was in the passenger seat while his student took the wheel. The car collided with what investigators believe was an inattentive driver in Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

Foster had fractured ribs and an arterial bleed as the result of the crash and he later died at a hospital in Lafayette, Indiana, as a result of his injuries, WLFI reported. The student driver, who has not been identified, was treated for minor injuries.

Nicholas Salem, 24, was behind of the wheel of the truck that collided with Foster’s vehicle, which was emblazoned with a slogan from All-Star Driving School, according to an earlier report from WLFI. At the time of the accident, a 14-month-old child was a passenger in Salem’s car, but the child and Salem were uninjured.

Deputies say Salem didn’t make an attempt to break, suggesting the accident was the result of distracted driving. There were messages being sent to and from Salem’s phone at the time of the crash and one message was sent about a minute before police were contacted.

Salem has been cited for an infraction. 

Sources: WLFI (2) / Photo credit: via WLFI

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