Cops Remove Couch That Was Blocking Traffic


A Florida police department wrote in an April 25 Facebook post that it was not using squad cars as a moving service.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office received a complaint about a couch blocking a bridge and went to investigate, according to WJAX.

When the JSO officer used a squad car to move the couch, drivers snapped photos of it.

To clear up speculation, JSO posted a photo of a squad car hauling a brown couch while driving down the highway bridge with a caption that read:

"Hey Jacksonville! If you happen to see this picture floating around Facebook, yes it is true. No, he wasn't using his police car to move his personal belongings. The officer got a call about a couch blocking the Ortega River Bridge and used some ingenuity to get it off the bridge so traffic could be moved quicker and it would not be blocked. Instead of 'Two Men and a Truck', we have 'One Man and a Police Car.'"

The post received more than 7,000 likes and 1,300 shares on Facebook in a day.

User Patsy Marohn Gordon wrote: “Thank you to the officer. That could have caused a serious accident and someone could’ve been seriously hurt! People don’t pay attention on the road anymore. Good job.”

John Robertson commented: “A kudos to the Social Media rep for getting ahead of a potential PR issue. Though on behalf of the internet I should complain about the inability to complain about something.”

Fred Eversole joked: “I’d like to read the Code 1 on that AND know how he dropped it off into the Evidence Box.”

Joyce Cooley McElfresh said: “Good work, now come get the 2 dogs off my carport, they are scaring me to death.”

Sources: WJAX, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office/Facebook / Photo credit: Jacksonville Sheriff's Office/Facebook

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