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DNA Links Suspect In Kidnapping And Rape Of 11-Year-Old

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DNA evidence has linked a suspect to the kidnapping and rape of an 11-year-old girl. 

WRAL reports that 39-year-old Greg Daniel Overman of Haw River, North Carolina, was arrested for the alleged kidnapping and sexual assault of an 11-year-old girl, after police obtained DNA evidence from a rape kit performed on the girl.  The evidence matched Overman's DNA, which was already on file from previous felony convictions. 

Authorities claim Overman kidnapped the girl from a bus stop where she was waiting to take the bus to school.  They say he drove her to an area near Orange County and sexually assaulted her in his car.  

According to WGHP, Overman heard sirens in the background, and as he took a moment to check if police were nearby, the girl escaped and managed to flag down a passing motorist for support.  

Alamance County District Attorney Pat Nadolski sought a $1 million bond, calling Overman a threat to the public and to himself, after claiming that Overman attempted suicide in his jail cell. 

"It looks like I'm a monster, and I'm not," Overman said in court. "I didn't do this. It wasn't like this."

But authorities are convinced after matching Overman's DNA to the DNA found during the rape kit examination. Overman has six previous felony convictions, and his DNA was on file with police. 

"When you got a man with six past felony convictions and I don't know how many misdemeanor convictions that has had sex with an 11-year-old, he should never see daylight, in my opinion," Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson said.

Overman allegedly admitted to having sex with the girl but claims they had a prior relationship.  There is no evidence to support that claim, says Nadolski.  

Investigators are now looking at Overman's cell phone records, and are attempting to find the vehicle Overman used to kidnap and sexually assault the girl. 

Sources: WRAL, WGHP / Photo credit: Alamance County Sheriff's Office via IC Florida

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