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Beloved Family Dog Accidentally Gets Out, Gets Killed At Animal Shelter

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An Arizona family was distraught after they discovered that their dog had escaped and ended up dead at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.

The dog had been killed within an hour of her intake as a stray on Feb. 2.

Earlier in the day, the family's elderly dog Roxie had accidentally gotten out, The Dodo reports. Corinne Stalter the incident occurred just after her son Tyler had returned from school.

“When [Tyler] came home from school he said, ‘Mom my bike is gone,’” Stalter told The Dodo. “We went outside and the gate was open. I had just let Roxie out to go potty.”

Family and friends went up and down the neighborhood streets to look for Roxie – they even called local police to tell them about the bike and mentioned they were also looking for their dog.

“I didn’t care about the bike,” Stalter said. “I just cared about Roxie.”

Stalter then went to her local veterinarian clinic and alerted the staff, who recommended that she post Roxie’s photo to the Straydar Facebook page where lost dogs are advertised. That’s when Stalter saw Roxie’s intake picture for the MCACC.

Stalter later discovered that Roxie had been found in a neighbor’s yard who decided to bring the dog to MCACC, since Roxie had no collar. When Roxie was signed into the MCACC, shelter staff scanned her for a microchip and didn’t find one. According to the neighbor, the MCACC staff then confirmed that they would hold Roxie for 72 hours.

It was that very day that Stalter discovered Roxie's intake picture. According to Stalter, the MCACC posted Roxie's intake time at 1:51 p.m., and she called the shelter at 2:49 p.m., only to find out that her dog had already been euthanized.

Stalter’s lawyer plans to conduct a full investigation into the incident. 

Amid the controversy, Rodrigo Silva, the Assistant County Manager who oversaw the MCACC, announced his resignation on Feb. 5, AZ Central reports.

Sources: The Dodo, AZ Central / Photo Credit: Corinne Salter via The Dodo

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