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Bullies Write 'Loser' On Girl's Face (Photo)

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An Iowa family is outraged after bullies pinned their daughter down on the school bus and scrawled the word "loser" across her face.

KCCI reports that 10-year-old Reann Davney came home from Titan Hill Intermediate School in Council Bluffs, Iowa, with the word "loser" written in black marker across her face. 

"She immediately sprinted to the car, crying, screaming for me," said her father, Zachary Davney.

Reann claims that two girls held her down and wrote several words, including the word "loser" on her face against her will. 

"They asked if they could [write on my face] and I said no, and then they just grabbed me and held me down and colored on my face," Raeann said.  She claims she screamed for help, but no one did anything to intervene.  "The bus monitor, he sat there and watched them do it but still didn't do anything," Raeann added.

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Reann's father met with school principal Kent Stopak to see why nothing was done to help his daughter.  "I just want something done, and it's not fair that this school district ain't doing nothing, transportation ain't doing nothing, the parents ain't doing nothing," Zachary said.

Stopak issued a statement on behalf of the school:  

I was informed of an incident that took place during the bus ride home on January 31. I met with the student and the family the morning of February 1 at which time they shared their information regarding the incident. I conducted an investigation into the incident and have taken steps to discipline those involved. I will continue to work with our student body to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Stopak claims that the bus driver was unaware of the incident as it was happening, which is why no one stepped in to stop it.  

Zachary claims that this isn't the first time his daughter has been targeted.  "She was already addressed for using the N-word toward my kids, and this is the same little girl doing it again," Zachary said, believing that these incidents stem from racism. 

After discovering that the alleged bullies' only punishment was to be suspended for one day from the bus, Zachary has decided to take further action.  He has filed a report with the Council Bluffs Police Department, and is considering filing a lawsuit, According to WOWT, reports WCMH.  

"I'm p***ed, I'm mad," Zachary said.  "She’s a great student, smart, intelligent. She’s in sports, cheerleading, gymnastics. You name it, she is in it. She is far from a loser.  I [have] seen her cry before but not nothing like that. She was literally shook, heart broken, anything in that category you seen it in her face that day."

Sources: KCCI, WOWT via WCMH / Photo credit: Die4kids/Wikimedia Commons

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