Father Chases Down Would-Be Burglar Who Smashed His Daughter's Window (Video)


James Walmsley normally considers himself an even-tempered man, but that quickly changed on the afternoon of Feb. 11 (video below).

Walmsley was in his Omaha, Nebraska, home with his infant daughter, Francis, when he heard a crash coming from her room.

"I went to investigate Francis' room. There was glass everywhere," he told KETV. A piece of concrete the size of a football had been apparently tossed through the window. "I ran back out into the kitchen and made eye contact with the intruder through the back door.

Walmsley explained, “This animalistic, paternal rage came over me.” He grabbed a hammer and ran after the would-be robber, barefoot. "It felt like I was running on my ankles at some point, running over snow and ice," he said. 

Although Walmsley didn’t quite catch up to the suspect, a utility worker saw the pursuit and called the police, who arrested a 17-year-old, who has not been identified. According to an earlier story from KETV,  the teen was also accused of being involved with an earlier burglary. He’s reportedly a runaway, although it’s unclear if he’s from the area.

Walmsley returned to find his daughter unharmed, although there was some glass in her crib. “When I walked in the room, she was standing right here," he said, indicating the edge of his daughter’s crib. "I walked in and she said, 'Hi. Can you say hi?’"

The window hasn’t been repaired yet, but Walmsley hopes the incident is a turning point for the teen. “I do urge him to make better decisions with his life," he said. "And oddly enough, I am rooting for him to do so."

The teen was booked on burglary, attempted burglary and unlawful absence charges. Francis’ window is set to be repaired soon.

Sources: KETV (2) / Photo credit: Screenshot via KETV

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