Father Reacts When 7-Year-Old Boy Denied Bathroom Visit


A New York man was arrested after confronting his child's teacher over an upsetting incident at school.

Vincent Nemorin tried to intervene after learning that school staff at P.S. 193 in Brooklyn wouldn't permit his 7-year-old son to go to the bathroom, despite a directive on file that mandates the child be allowed to do so, reports WABC.

The boy reportedly soiled his pants and was left to sit in his feces for the entire school day, according to a post describing the Feb. 24 incident on the P.S. 193 Parents' Association Facebook page. Staff did not change the child's clothes or contact his parents. Nemorin did not find out what had happened until he went to pick up his son at the end of the day.

School staff had reportedly denied Nemorin's son access to the bathroom and allowed him to languish in soiled pants at least once before this year, according to the Facebook post.

Nemorin went to the school on Feb. 25, the day after the incident, and confronted the teacher who had allegedly denied his son access to the bathroom, according to WABC. The concerned father told the teacher his son had a mandate to use the bathroom, and asked why his child was left in soiled pants for the entire day.

The school's principal, who was also present at the time, reportedly began berating Nemorin, at which point the man left and went to work.

At around 1 p.m. that day, Nemorin received a call from local police asking him to go to the school immediately.

When the man and his wife arrived at the school around dismissal time, police arrested Nemorin and put him into handcuffs, according to the Facebook post. Nemorin reportedly hit his head as the police were trying to direct him into a transport vehicle and required emergency medical services.

The arrest happened on Nemorin's son's birthday, according to the Facebook post.

Nemorin was arraigned on charges of harassment and menacing later that night. The school also filed a restraining order against him, so that he cannot drop off or pick up his son until the matter is settled, WABC reported.

Police said they decided to arrest the man after the teacher that he spoke to told them she felt threatened.

P.S. 193 parents, who supported Nemorin during the ordeal, told WABC they believed the man's arrest was retaliation for questioning school procedures.

"He gets arrested for asking a simple question. It's not [the teacher] against him, it's her against us. Could've happened to any of our kids," Stacia Gregorio, a P.S. 193 parent, told WABC.

"We are afraid, we are very afraid," said Maryam Genik, another parent at the school. "We can come to the school and any issue I'm up and if you're going to go and address it, you were going to be arrested."

A spokesperson for the New York Department of Education released this official statement in response to the incident, according to WABC:

"We take this allegation seriously, and are investigating the matter. Ensuring safe and supportive environments in all our schools is critical, and there is additional support being provided to the school to address parent concerns. We will continue to work with the school community to ensure the school is meeting their needs."

Parents at P.S. 193 have long requested the current principal's removal, according to the Facebook post about the incident.

The Facebook message was shared 800 times in four days. 

Sources: WABC, P.S. 193 Parents' Association/Facebook / Photo credit: P.S. 193 Parents' Association/Facebook

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