Son Allegedly Molested, Dad Beats Man Into Coma


After allegedly finding a man molesting his 3-year-old son, one Florida father and his friend beat the man so badly he was in hospital for a week. After receiving two different life sentences for the disgusting act, the child molester just found out they've been overturned - and he's getting another chance.

At the time, the father, 27-year-old Manuel Vega, and his friend, 43-year-old Krish Carter, gave the then 38-year-old Luke Petruschke a severe beating that put him in a coma in October 2009, WTVJ reported at the time.

Petruschke was put into a medically induced coma and spend a week in hospital after being beaten with bricks and rocks, reports SunSentinel.

Now Petruschke will be facing his third trial, an appeals court ruled May 18, 2016, the SunSentinel reports.

Previous trials have led to sentences of life in prison before these convictions were overturned. This time, a new trial has been called to because the jury had not allowed Petruschke to represent himself before.

Both men attacked Petruschke after Vega’s son told his father Petruschke had been fondling him.

Petruschke had been arrested before for sex charges. At the time, police jailed all three men, with Vega and Carter facing attempted murder charges.

Vega and Carter both pleaded guilty and served probationary sentences, reports SunSentinel.

"It's just not Mr. Vega or Mr. Carter's place to decide who gets what punishment right there on the street," explained Sgt. Greg Gasse. "Although a lot of people understand it, a lot of people say it, I think a lot of people also realize that there's a bounds which you can't really go beyond and in this case it seems that Mr. Vega and Mr. Carter crossed that line. They severely beat him, it's not a matter of they just used enough force to detain him for police or something like that, they went well beyond that amount."

Vega’s girlfriend at the time disagreed.

"We need Manuel back here," said the woman in 2009, who did not want to be identified. "My son is a victim twice in this situation, he was a victim of this horrible act and he's also a victim of losing his father right now, and he needs his father,” she said.

"Human instinct is to protect your child, protect your children, and that's exactly what Manuel did," the woman added.

Sources: WTVJ, SunSentinel / Photo credit: Broward Sheriff's Office via WTVJ

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