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Dad Forces Daughter Into Prostitution As Punishment

A judge sentenced a Texas dad, who was convicted of forcing his 16-year-old daughter to become a prostitute as a way to punish her for being sexually active, to 30 years in prison on March 13.

A jury convicted Scott Rodney Robinson, a 46-year-old resident of Baytown, Texas, on a first-degree felony charge of aggravated compelling of prostitution after he plead guilty to forcing his daughter into sex work, reports Chron.

When the teen's father learned she was having sex with boys, he wanted to punish her for it, KRTK notes. The teen says her father forced her to service multiple truck drivers per night at area truck stops and took the money she earned.

"He basically told her, 'If you're gonna be a whore, we're gonna treat ya like one,'" said JoAnne Musick, chief of the Harris County District Attorney's Office Sex Crimes Division.

Robinson has a lengthy criminal record and has faced charges related to drug possession, burglary, criminal trespass auto theft and unauthorized use of a vehicle in the past.

The girl's father allegedly posted advertisements with suggestive photos of the teenager, whom he described as a "super clean" "perfect girl" who was "sexy and sweet" and looking "to party."

The father also listed her as "clean kept and always shaved" and posted the ads on sites like, a website similar to Craiglist where people post listings for goods and services, notes the Daily Mail. He reportedly sold her as a prostitute for four months.

After an anonymous tip in 2015 revealed a man was pimping out his 16-year-old daughter, police arranged a hotel room tryst between an undercover police officer and the teenager, who offered oral sex for $280, to catch and arrest Robinson.

Police also arrested the teenager's stepbrother for driving her to the hotel to unknowingly meet the undercover officer. 

Her stepmother and stepbrother reportedly knew of the situation at the time and were initially charged for knowing about Robinson's plot. They admitted to their roles in the scheme and testified against Robinson in court. Prosecutors said they cooperated throughout the duration of the case.

"The facts showed that Scott Robinson forced his own daughter into the depths of the illegal sex industry," Musick said. "His depravity earned him decades in state prison."

Law enforcement told the Daily Mail on March 14 that the teen "been through a lot," but is now in safe hands

Sources Daily Mail, KTRK, Chron / Photo Credit: Baytown Police via Daily Mail

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