'That Was Abuse': Parents Outraged Over Middle School P.E. Class Punishment


A group punishment given to students in a Texas middle school physical education class has angered many parents.

The punishment was given to seventh and eighth grade students at Gregory Luna Middle School in San Antonio, Texas, during a physical education class in which a few students misbehaved.

Courtney Coley, a student in the class, told KENS 5 that dozens of eighth graders were made to do bear crawls, an exercise that involves crawling on one's hands and feet, as punishment for the misconduct of a few students.

A group of seventh grade boys also had to run laps because one student brought a BB gun to the gym and spilled BB pellets all over the floor. The boys were reportedly told to run a total of more than 50 laps, one for every pellet spilled.

Courtney said it was unfair to punish the entire class for the misbehavior of their classmates.

"We didn't do anything so why are we being punished?" she asked.

"I sent my daughter to school to learn and get an education, not to be punished for something she didn't even do," Courtney's father, Anthony Coley, said.

"That was abuse, it was definitely abuse," he added.

Officials in the Northside Independent School District called the punishment inappropriate.

"That type of punishment is completely out of line and should've never occurred," district spokesman Pascual Gonzalez said.

"Students who brought this to our attention, or the parents who did, should feel no retribution from the school district," Gonzalez added. "This is exactly what they should've done, was to notify administration so we can take appropriate action."

Gonzalez did not specify what action would be taken on the students' behalf but promised that the teachers involved would be disciplined.

The district reported that one girl had a panic attack while doing the bear crawls but has since recovered and is currently doing fine.

Commenters responding to the story on the Facebook page for KENS 5 expressed mixed opinions about the incident. Although some believed the punishment was out of line, many others supported the P.E. teachers.

"This is so stupid!" one poster wrote. "The coach was just teaching the kids what it means to be a team, if one kid fails the whole team fails."

"So they're getting mad because they had to do physical activity in their Physical Education class?" another user wrote. "Isn't that the point of the whole class?"

The story, which was posted to Facebook on Feb. 1, has received nearly 600 shares in four days.

Sources: KENS 5, KENS 5/Facebook / Photo Credit: KENS 5, NISD.net

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