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Father Snaps After Finding Daughter's Nude Photos

A Tennessee father has been arrested after authorities say he found out that his 14-year-old daughter was sending nude photos on Snapchat and lost it completely.

According to police in Hamilton County, Tennessee, 45-year-old Christian Amason has been charged with child abuse for allegedly flying into a rage and striking and choking his daughter, reports WDEF. In addition to Amason's arrest, child protective services have also been notified of possible assault on a child.

The victim told police that her mother, Norma Amason, tried to spank her after the pair argued over revealing photos she posted on Facebook. But when she refused to let her mother continue the spankings, her father stepped in, grabbed her by the throat and started slapping her upper and lower body, leaving red marks and possible bruising, the victim said, according to WTVC. The teenager then went to her bedroom, where her parents followed her and continued the argument. At that point, her father reportedly grabbed her throat with both hands and squeezed hard, cutting off her airway and choking her.

The child then reportedly called her older sister at midnight and had the sister pick her up and take her to the police department to file the report. Officers stopped by the house to question her parents, who both admitted to spanking their daughter and said that they found nude Snapchat photos of the 14-year-old and became angry.

Mr. Amason said that he choked his daughter and obsessively hit her after losing his temper over the photos.

Child abuse laws vary by state, but in Tennessee, parents are eligible to face criminal charges if they inflict "unreasonable" corporal punishment and cause "injury" onto the child, notes Gundersen Center for Effective Discipline. In the state, such punishment includes knowingly using excessive force on a child that could cause serious harm or death.

Sources: WDEF, WTVCGundersen Center for Effective Discipline / Photo credit: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office via WDEF

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