Man Found Dead After Being Trapped Inside Car During Winter Storm Jonas


A Brooklyn man was found dead in his car after he went missing during Winter Storm Jonas over the weekend.

Ramonita Ginel said she and her husband, Angel Ginel, bought a Lexus sometime in November, the NY Daily News reported. She said Angel adored the car.

On Jan. 24, Angel went out to earn some money shoveling snow and never returned.

“He gave me a kiss goodbye and said he’ll see me later,” Ramonita Ginel told the NY Daily News the following day. “Then I kept calling his phone. I kept calling his phone because he didn’t come home last night, I kept calling leaving him messages.”

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Ramonita found Angel behind the wheel of the Lexus that afternoon just around the corner from the couple’s home. The vehicle was still running, but its tail pipe was packed with snow, police said.

The family believes Angel got into the car after shoveling. They believe a snow plow passed and trapped him inside the Lexus.

“I started banging on the window and I see that he was plowed in, but he had already cleared that earlier,” Ramonita explained, adding that she saw the tattoo on his neck yellowing. “I’m calling him ‘Angel! Angel!’ and I didn’t see him moving or breathing.

“Then I called my son and my nephew to come. He helped me shovel out the snow and my son and my nephew shovel out and when we opened the door he was dead.”

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The family believe Angel died of carbon monoxide poisoning. They are waiting for the city’s medical examiner’s office to determine an official cause of death, the Daily Mail reported.

The couple, who have two children, each from previous relationships, would have celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day. They had been together for 14 years.

“He was a great man,” Ramonita said. “I loved him, and I will always love him.”

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Sources: NY Daily News, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: NY Daily News

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