Man Steals TVs By Dressing Up As Wal-Mart Employee


A man dressed as a Wal-Mart employee stole four high-definition televisions directly from the supercenter’s very own stockroom in broad daylight.

On Jan. 14, a peculiar, yet not uncommon, robbery was reported from a Chesterfield County Wal-Mart in Virginia. The suspect walked into the supercenter donning a Wal-Mart vest, a gray hoodie, and tan cargo pants. He then managed to steal four HD-TVs and wheel them to an SUV.

“He loaded four flat-screen televisions onto a cart and pushed them out of the store through an emergency exit,” a spokesperson from the Chesterfield County/Colonial Heights Crime Solvers told WTVR News. “They were loaded into a waiting, full-size SUV. Unfortunately, the man was not an employee of that Wal-Mart or of any of the neighboring Wal-Mart stores.”

This crime, while odd, is reportedly not very origina. A Wal-Mart in Grapevine, Texas, experienced the exact crime. In August 2015, a man wearing a Wal-Mart employee uniform and badge loaded several televisions onto a pallet jack and walked out of the store, according to KXAS News.

In January 2016, another Wal-Mart in Virginia was subjected to a similar crime, but by a suspect who pretended to be a cashier at the infamous supercenter. According to Vice, the man allegedly entered the store wearing a Wal-Mart vest and approached a cashier to tell him that he was wanted in the office. After the cashier walked away, the thief checked out a customer at the employee’s station before calmly walking away with the cash from the register’s box.

In July 2015, a New Orleans Wal-Mart suffered a loss of approximately $120,000 by a suspect donning the traditional Wal-Mart vest. According to WWL-TV News, the suspect walked into a Wal-Mart around 4:30 a.m. and followed an employee toward an office.

Unlike the aforementioned incidents, all of which were recorded on the stores' surveillance cameras, the one this Louisiana supercenter was considered an armed robbery. The suspect handed a black bag to the employee and demanded cash at gunpoint.

Similar to the other occurrences, the suspect calmly left the scene and entered a vehicle that was waiting outside for him.

Sources: WTVR News, KXAS News, Vice, WWL-TV News / Photo Credit: WTVR News

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